4 Ways To Accept Payment From Customers

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Payouts are slow on every problem in the world encountered by enterprises, not just Hong Kong. This is definitely frustrating, and it will affect your payments to employees and suppliers of cash flow.

Instead of using the telephone bombing force your customers to pay as soon as possible, it is better to consider the following four simple manner.

Accepts a variety of payment
if you refuse to accept a check, you will be subject to the customer. Every time you want to payment, will have to wait to sign the holder to sign the ticket. Many times, people will sign the ticket business, leading to more delay time you receive checks. Therefore, if your company accept credit cards and mobile payments, will greatly enhance the speed of receivables.

Collect overdue payments
that people do not necessarily like to pay more than the normal cost, so you should tell your customers you will levy late payment charges. This will encourage customers to speed up payments. You could consider a levy fixed costs, such as HKD200. If the bill 30 days overdue, the collection of a percentage of the cost of billing and so on.

Offer discounts to customers early payment of the
offer concessions to the customer is willing to pay in advance a good way, even the 2 percentage discounts are enough to make them have the power to do it. And so little discounts given for you corporate earnings will not cause a significant impact.

Advance payment
if you are providing services, why not like sales patterns in advance payment if the project is relatively large -? For example, to enhance the brand of service, you can do in advance to receive half of the deposit, pending completion of the project to receive the remaining payments, especially when you are in contact with new customers.

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