About Unipro Consulting Limited

Unipro Consulting Limited is a global corporate services provider based in Asia. It is registered in Hong Kong and has been approved for its Trust or Company Service Provider (TCSP) License.

Company registration number: 2330586

TCSP License number:  TC001941

Unipro Group Company is an associated company of Unipro Consulting Limited.

Our Story

Ray Ng is our co-founder of Unipro Consulting Limited. Back to the early age, he started his first entrepreneurial journey by acquiring a business – a bubble milk tea shop located in the most busiest district in Hong Kong.

As a newbie in the entrepreneurial world, he found it super complicated to manage the business. It was a nightmare for him because there were just too many side matters that needed his attention. Sometimes fire department came to check, sometimes hygiene department coming, legal, accounting and tax issues so on and so forth. He realized that if he had a partner to share the compliance work, business would be a lot easier.

Because of the nightmare experience, Ray founded Unipro Consulting with some partners in order to make business simple for entrepreneurs.

Ray Ng


Ray is a member of Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales. He has many years of experience for corporate services, and he’s always up on the latest knowledge for starting a business.

Email: ray@uniprohk.com

Our Mission

Our mission is to make business simple.

Our People

Mike Michelini

Strategic Partner

Email: mike@uniprohk.com

Mike enjoys blogging, podcasting, and connecting with other international business owners. Founding Global From Asia from a podcast, he has put all his knowledge and network into it to make it grow up to a business.

Marketing & Customer Services Team




Tammy is a lover of content marketing. She enjoys producing podcasts and creating useful contents for entrepreneurs.

Email: info@uniprohk.com



Anita is on the ground for research and following up closely on the latest information about Hong Kong and Asia business information.

Email: info@uniprohk.com


Customer Services

Maredith is our client services manager. She enjoys dealing with clients on the phone as well as on email, keeping conversations friendly and interesting.

Email: info@uniprohk.com

Operation Team

Our operation team performs a wide variety of functions to support our clients and team members. Functions include support of company formation & maintenance service, accounting service, audit & tax filing service, office administration, internal finance, anti-money laundering & know your customer procedures.