Tax residency in Hong Kong

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We have received more and more enquiries regarding having tax residency in Hong Kong. Therefore today, we summarise some of the criteria below for your quick reference. Information on Residency for tax purposes Section I – Criteria for Individuals to be considered a tax resident An individual is regarded as a tax resident of Hong Kong, China if – (a) … Read More

Xero’s new navigation: a research-backed improvement

orangeservices2018NewsLeave a Comment Many Xero users may not have given the platform navigation a second thought. It’s a critical function, but how the navigation works is not something that Xero users have reason to think about every day. Rest assured though, it’s something we’ve been thinking deeply about here at Xero for some time. We’ve listened to feedback from our users about … Read More

Entrepreneurial spirit meets ethical awareness – and drives sustainable business practices

orangeservices2018NewsLeave a Comment Anna Ross is the founder of Kester Black, Australia’s leading ethical cosmetics brand. Cruelty free, palm oil free and vegan, Kester Black nail polish has set new benchmarks for sustainability in an industry notorious for its poor practices. Read on for lessons learnt from Australia’s nail polish queen, including why profit, not revenue, is king. After I finished studying … Read More

#Raiseacup to our much-loved Bookkies

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Bookkeepers have a significant role to play in small businesses success. However, their work is often done behind the scenes without glitz or recognition. Today kicks off Global Bookkeeping Week and Xero wants to take this opportunity to put the spotlight on our family of bookkeepers — the unsung heroes of small business success. Technology is changing, but the role … Read More

Saying hi to all our Bookkies worldwide

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The Xero family love our bookkeepers – over the years we have been really proud to be part of the growth in this industry, particularly in New Zealand and Australia. As founding sponsor of what is now called ICBNZ Bookkeepers, we are right behind the ICB Global Bookkeeping Week. Each year the ICB Bookkeeping community not only raises a glass … Read More

Got outstanding invoices? Here are 8 things you can do

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It would be nice if you could send an invoice, then sit back and watch the money roll in. But half of all invoices are paid late. And some aren’t paid at all. So how do you handle outstanding invoices? How to collect money Some people – like credit control managers, accountants and debt collectors – make a living out … Read More

How to build a watertight accounts receivable process

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There are many ways to get into business, but only one way to stay in – you have to get paid. That’s why a good accounts receivable process is critical. What is an accounts receivable process? The job of accounts receivable is to get money in the door. There are a lot of steps to that. You need to find … Read More