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With secure online onboarding process, opening a business account has never been easier. Get on board from the comfort of your own home.

  • Smart business solutions for international trade
  • Hold, transfer and exchange foreign currencies for fast and easy cross-border payments.
  • All in one place and 100% online.

Powerful Features

Get multi-currency accounts for international trade

Send and receive high-value payments in 100+ countries around the world. Convert 20+ currencies within a single bank account including USD, EUR, GBP, HKD, SGD and many more.

Trade globally. Get paid like a local

Enter new markets faster with a local EU/UK sort code and account number. Get SWIFT and SEPA support for easy payments all over the world.

Truly borderless

Send and receive high-value payments in 100+countries. Convert 20+currencies within your accounts at a fraction of the usual cost.

World-class security

Industry-leading encryption

Your sensitive financial data is protected with advanced 256-bit encryption and stored on secure third-party servers.

2-factor authentication

Activate 2-factor authentication to make sure all actions on your account are taken only by authorised members of your team.

Team member permissions

Set custom permissions for each member of your team depending on their role – from read-only to full admin access.

AI-powered fraud prevention

Advanced fraud prevention system monitors transactions in real-time to protect your money.

Safeguarded accounts

Your funds are kept in a regulated, safeguarded account meaning that they are never moved, invested or lent to anyone else.