Can’t setup a Bank Account yet?

Don’t worry about it. With the E-money account, you can operate your business just like having a bank account.

What is E-Money Account?

This is an account, opened with an EMI, e-wallet or payment company, that allows users to enjoy the conventional range of banking-related services. Transactions made on such accounts are processed in a fast, secure and convenient way.

What is EMI?

Electronic money (e-money) institution (or EMI) is a licensed financial institution which engages in e-money related and payment services.

What if I still need a Bank Account?

As a start-up, I am sure you get frustrated when the bank ask you for business proof without even having a bank account to operate.

With E-money account, you can build up your business transactions easily. Once you have accumulated enough business transactions, which will be considered as business proof from the bank perspective, you get a higher chance to get approval for your bank account.

What if I could not travel to do a meeting at the moment?

It’s 100% online to setup E-money account. You can setup anytime anywhere you want.

Does the E-money Account support multi-currency & international payment?

Yes. Most EMI have different accounts for you to choose, namely local account or international account.

How long does it take to have my E-money Account ready?

As fast as 48 hours once everything needed has been submitted.

What can we do for you?

We will assist you the whole KYC procedures, so as to simply the steps, and save you a lot of time.

Through our referral, you can increase your successful rate of setting up an e-money account as well because we will provide you guidance on your documents preparation.