We understand that one of the most important purposes to build successful businesses is to give our family a better life. 






Therefore, we work with our global partners together to offer a range of plans which can be tailored to suit your needs for your family success.


Our Family office Services Include:

  • Risk Management
    • Life Insurance
    • Director Liability Insurance
    • Key Man Insurance
    • Employee's Compensation
    • Accident, Health & Medical
    • Property, Office, Cargo & Fire Insurance
  • Wealth Management
    • Cayman Fund Setup
    • Trust
    • Real Estate
  • Financing
    • Mortgage
    • Securities
    • Accounts Receivable
    • Initial Public Offering
    • Initial Coin Offering
    • Security Token Offering
  • Personal Planning
    • Overseas Education
    • Residency Planning
    • High-End Medical
    • Visa