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As one of the world’s top three international finance centres, Hong Kong is a prime location for financial services. Built on a prudent and robust financial regulatory regime with a well-educated workforce and the absence of capital control, companies in financial services are given all the tools needed to succeed. The Closer Economic Partnership Arrangement (CEPA) gives Hong Kong’s financial service providers and professional greater market access and flexibility in their Mainland operations. On top of that, the city serves as a gateway for foreign firms seeking access to Mainland China and for Mainland enterprises looking to go global.

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Hong Kong offers an attractive business environment as well as an independent judicial system, a welcoming taxation system and free trade policies. It is also a gateway between Mainland China and international markets. This is why we chose the city as the location for our CTC.
Sun Lei
Vice President, Bank of Communications Financial Leasing Co. Ltd

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The stock market in Hong Kong is characterised by vibrant activities and exciting share companies. It is an amazing city with lots of opportunities which certainly should not be overlooked.
David Friedland
Managing Director, Asia Pacific of Interactive Brokers Hong Kong Limited
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Hong Kong has a well-established financial, legal and taxation system, a favourable environment as a global aircraft leasing centre.
Zhao Guicai
CEO of ICBC Finance Leasing
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Hong Kong is a fantastic place for doing business. People here are very determined to be successful. It is a competitive place, and is equipped with a good legal and economic system, as well as a deep talent pool.
Isidoro J. Alanis
President and CEO of Global Exchange Groupinvest hong kong

Various industry sub-sectors are now leading the way in Hong Kong:

  • Asset Management – Vast business opportunities are generated by several factors including the Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect; Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect; Mainland-Hong Kong Bond Connect and the Mutual Recognition of Funds Arrangements with Mainland China, Switzerland and France.
  • Banking – The progressive growth of Renminbi (RMB) business relating to the origination and distribution of RMB investment products and trading services is fuelling new opportunities and business.
  • Capital Market – Opportunities abound from initial public offerings to bond issuance, loan syndication and much more. The Belt and Road Initiative has also paved the way for several infrastructure projects.
  • Private Banking – Ideally placed to serve the growing population of high net worth individuals in Mainland China and the region.
  • Corporate Treasury Centres & Asset Financing – Tax benefits are now provided under specified conditions giving incentives for companies from different industries to establish their corporate treasury activities in Hong Kong.  More opportunities on asset financing business, such as aircraft leasing, have also arisen.

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