Digital Marketing For Hong Kong Export Companies

Let’s Make Hong Kong Great Again!

The team at Unipro wants to help your Hong Kong based export business. Are you a product based business that is exporting from HK? Doing B2B, B2C and building your brand?

Then we would love to discuss ways to help you. There are Hong Kong government programs to give you financial assistance to invest in marketing and growing your international client base.

This was well worth the wait. I can’t wait to get started right away. It’s so cool, I’m telling everyone I know!

– Maria A.

We help Local HK Businesses Grow Global.

If you're a Hong Kong based business, we want to take your international client base to the next level. Let's do this

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Our Steps


Review your sales processes, tools, and team to maximize your sales department.


Put our analysis to work. Implement the systems, software, and procedures to skyrocket your sales team.


Tweak the system. Ensure your sales team and key management is maximizing the opportunities of CRMs and sales processes.


Ensure your sales team is properly up to speed on the latest sales tools, softwares, and automation procedures.

Your Case

What ways can you improve your sales processes and team? Check our form and see what best applies to your business.

Let’s Find IT Out Together

And Unipro Consulting Limited, as a corporate service provider for many years, has experience with dealing with HK government forms, filings, and leasing.

PLUS, we also have a division here for digital marketing and SEO.

Introducing The “Make HK Great Again Package”
We would love to discuss this with you:

A) analysis of your business if you would qualify for government financial products to boost your international client base
B) analysis of your website and marketing strategy to see where our digital marketing division can boost your business.
C) Make your business, as well as Hong Kong business ecosystem, grow to new heights.

Sound good?
We would love to discuss this with you – fill out the form and let us know more on how we can help you, and let’s build up the Hong Kong business ecosystem better than ever.

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Common Questions

How does your export services work?

We work around you, the client. Our team has a Hong Kong corporate license export and marketing so you can work directly with us to find the right place, sign the contract, and confirm everything is done the correct way.

What’s included in my package?

We offer various packages, from pay on signing the contract to smaller, upfront packages depending on your wants.

Why Us?

Our strength is to balance Hong Kong and international business processes. We will take care everything about your company finance, and create future.

How do I pay?

You can pay for your purchase online with your credit card or Paypal if a small package. But of course big deals are done in bank transfer.