How Technology Changing Humanity

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Tammy : Today’s another episode for our weekly podcast, I’m Tammy together with Ray, the founder of Unipro consulting limited hong kong. H Ray!

Ray : Hi Tammy, how’s everything going?

Tammy: Everything’s great here, our vaccines are starting to arrive daily, and people are getting vaccinated each day, so I hope everything will be okay, and the pandemic will be soon over. 

Ray : That’s great to hear that, a lot of vaccines are now available. 

Tammy : Yes, with different brands.

Ray : Anyway, the weather is getting warmer now, and I enjoy it a lot. What about there? How’s the weather?

Tammy : Great too! It’s not actually too hot, but it’s officially summer here. So we expect to have hotter days ahead. How I wish I could go to the beach and have a relaxing and stress-free day.

Ray : Oh yes, I heard there are nice beaches there in the Philippines.

Tammy : Yes, we have a lot here, like Boracay, Palawan and many more!

Ray : I wish I could visit those beaches you mentioned when it’s safe to travel.

Tammy : Yes of course, we’ll tour you around here!

Ray : That’s nice, anyway, so we are going to discuss today on “How technology is changing humanity” – Let me explain the topic first. We all know that technology is reshaping the way we live, work, play, and interact.

Tammy : And why are we discussing this? Simple because of technology these days, how great they are and how they affect our lives. Technology’s growing impact on our lives, technology is changing the way we work and engage with each other, it’s important to know the interaction between technology and humanity.

Ray : And how does technology affect or influence humans? And vice versa? – Well you know that the internet and digital technology may be impacting our physical and psychological development to a larger degree than we expected.

Tammy : True, In the last few decades, technology has progressed at a staggering rate. Smartphones, the internet, cloud computing are changing every facet of our lives. Communication, business, government, travel, fundraising, and even agriculture have been affected. Is all this new technology changing us on the inside?

Ray : Of course, yes! Technology can really affect our brain and lives big time, there are actually a pros and cons when it comes to technology and humanity. Like evidence shows that reliance on the internet and mobile technology is shortening our attention spans. One recent study found that our average attention span has decreased by 4 seconds.

Tammy : I actually agree with you, When we all have computers in our pockets that allow us to play games, and connect with friends whenever we want, why should we tolerate boredom? Of course, this shortened attention span likely comes with consequences. This probably is one of the cons.

Ray : You’re correct, that is one of the cons that people should watch out for. And there are too many to mention. 

Tammy : I think the usual cons is how technology affects the health of every individual. We all know that technology has revolutionized our world and daily lives. As it has created amazing tools and resources, putting useful information at our fingertips.

Ray : If you think about it, modern technology has made our lives easier,  faster, better, and more fun. It paved the way for multi-functional devices like the smartwatch and the smartphone. Computers are increasingly faster, more portable, and higher-powered than ever before. With all of these revolutions.

Tammy : Precisely, it makes our lives easier. Let’s talk about how technology helps business these days.

Ray : That’s cool. Technology helps business to grow fast! Technology is about innovation and innovation in business is all about doing things differently in order to provide better products and solutions, and an improved service to customers.

Tammy : It is also not just essential for day-to-day business processes, but it can also help companies to achieve growth and success when utilised effectively. Successful businesses don’t view technology simply as a way to automate processes, but instead use it to open up new ways of doing business.

Ray : Like for example, here in our company, we offer Company formation, Business registration or trademarks by simply sending us the requirements needed for your company. By using the technology, we can communicate, understand each other and do business as simple as that. 

Tammy : In addition to that, you could also open a business online and sell your products by just sitting in front of your computer. You could even hire an online team who could help you run your business. 

Ray : These things are actually great these days, it’s more convenient for everyone. 

Tammy : And you know what, it’s actually a bit scary that a technology can transform into more advanced technology.

Ray : What do you mean by that?

Tammy : Well, I’ve read an article that there are dark technology scenarios that keep the scientist wide awake at night! 

Ray : Like how scary would a technology be? Like real robots that interact with human beings? There are plenty of robots these days, go to Japan, you’ll see what I mean.

Tammy : Well, not just robots. There are also Artificial intelligence, social media, self-driving cars, , in which it becomes difficult to predict how they’ll be used or what unintended consequences may occur.

Ray : True, Like example : Computers could eventually learn to discriminate against human workers in hiring processes. In the next 2 decades or who knows, there will be only Artificial Intelligence working with your business, and there will be no need to hire humans. Because if the machine can do what humans can do, then it will reduce the available work for humans.

Tammy : And let me add here also the cashless payments, with only using your mobile phone, you can pay cashless. Scan the QR code, then that’s it! Eventually, people would no longer be needing to bring cash with them, oh! Does this mean we don’t need wallets anymore?

Ray : Well you still need wallets to bring your cards, maybe?

Tammy : If everything will be on your phone, even your credit cards, then no need for a wallet. In the same article I read, it says that credit cards, debit cards and whatever cards you have will also be going through online. 

Ray : Is it! It makes sense, but that’s actually difficult, if you lose your mobile phone, then it’s very inconvenient. 

Tammy : Oh no! There are a lot of pickpockets everywhere! And here in my country, we don’t register mobile phones or numbers. So it will be very hard to track down people who might have your phone. So yes, there are pros and cons. 

Ray : Yeah, so it’s a bit scary but hassle free when you think about it. Like some cars, you don’t need any keys to start, just your fingerprints or a push button, as well as doors that don’t need keys, but instead a number code you need to press. 

Tammy : Cool! Technology is great when people know how to use it properly. There are dark sides and there are cool sides. Lucky our generations that were born from a technology that has not yet been optimized, and now to a technology that plays a big role to every human being. 

Ray : Yes, Lucky we are. Anyway, technology can really affect our lives, from home to work.

Tammy : That’s right, just make sure to use the tools and other resources wisely, as some technology is just gathering your personal information that might harm you.

Ray : Great! A technology topic for this week. To our listeners, if there are topics that you would like us to tackle, just let us know!

Tammy : Yes, thanks Ray, for today’s topic!

Ray : Thanks Tammy! Til our next episode.

Tammy : bye!

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