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With its proximity to Mainland China and strong support from the government, Hong Kong is well positioned to develop innovation and technology. Major R&D infrastructures such as the purpose-built Hong Kong Science and Technology Park and Cyberport are helping drive innovation and technology whilst the vigorous enforcement of intellectual property protection provides a sense of security for companies.


The technology startup ecosystem is booming in the city and we are excited about the enormous opportunities to co-create smart city solutions with different partners.
Andrew Sampson
Vice President and General Manager, Hong Kong and Taiwan, Hitachi Vantara
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Hong Kong has always been an international business hub and makes it the ideal base from which Tencent can connect to the world. Together with the deep talent pool, the city is the ideal location to set up the first Tencent WeStart Innovation Spaces outside Mainland China.
Elaine Wang
General Manager of Tencent WeStart
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With an open economy, a group of outstanding researchers in universities working on AI, plus strong intellectual property protection, Hong Kong has all the ingredients to flourish in innovation and technology.
Cindy Chow
Executive Director, Alibaba Entrepreneurs Fundinvest hong kong
Hong Kong offers unique advantages in having the crucial elements of financing, product development, manufacturing and clinical trial, all in one location.
Professor Guang-zhong Yang
Director and Co-Founder, Precision Robotics
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  • Biomedicine – Plans to promote advancements in medical technology combined with the modernisation of Traditional Chinese Medicine has given the sector a boost. Medical and healthcare equipment companies in Hong Kong have opportunities to be contract manufacturers and sourcing partners.
  • AI and Robotics – Re-industrialisation is a key industry focus as the city seeks to attract the manufacturing of high value-added products. Being one of the largest data storage hubs in the region with significant computational power, it provides an excellent environment for the development and application of AI technology.
  • Smart City and IoT Technology – With the Smart City Blueprint of Hong Kong published in 2017, the city is making a great push with the development of IoT applications. Hong Kong’s high density urban development provides the ideal test bed for smart city technologies.
  • Electronics – As a major centre for the region’s electronics industry, Hong Kong offers a solid research base with rigorous intellectual property protection, comprehensive communications and excellent transport networks. Local and foreign companies use the city for various activities including IC design, R&D, procurement and sourcing, manufacturing control and much more.
  • Clean Technologies – Due to  geographic and cultural proximity to Mainland China, the city is  the ideal entry point for facilitating access to Mainland markets in the sourcing and manufacturing of clean technology products, such as renewable energy generation equipment, sensors, monitoring and detection equipment.

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