Part 1 – Philippine top online product ideas to sell online.

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Introduction :

Tammy : Hi Ray, here’s another episode of our weekly podcast.

Ray : Yes Tammy, What are we going to discuss today?

Tammy : Well, we’re going to discuss things to sell online, or hot products that are trending. As you know that the economy in some countries like here in the Philippines is not stable or not that really good given the current situation. As a result, a lot of people are thinking of other options to have extra income, as a lot of people really got laid off to work. Sad truth really, not sure though on how long will this end, but I hope soon. 

Ray : That’s definitely a great topic, since the economy in some areas are not stable, im sure not only in your country, but to some other countries as well, I hope this will end very soon, as the world’s economy has greatly been affected by this. 

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