#Raiseacup to our much-loved Bookkies

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Bookkeepers have a significant role to play in small businesses success. However, their work is often done behind the scenes without glitz or recognition.

Today kicks off Global Bookkeeping Week and Xero wants to take this opportunity to put the spotlight on our family of bookkeepers — the unsung heroes of small business success.

Technology is changing, but the role of the BAS agent and bookkeeper continues to be a much-needed support to keep a small business afloat. It’s the quiet but powerful bookkeepers that are often working away behind the scenes, saving small businesses from one disaster after another.

Supporting our network

The Xero family loves our network of bookkeepers and wants each of you to know that your work doesn’t go unnoticed by our team. We have been really proud over the years to be part of the growth of the industry and watch it go from strength to strength.

Since I joined Xero earlier this year, I’ve been blown away by the incredible sense of belonging radiating through the community. Whereas many industries foster a sense of competitiveness, this network genuinely cares about each other and works collaboratively to support each other. Additionally, the buzz and energy the group brought to Xerocon took the event up a level and made it unforgettable.

Community connections

I’m very proud to have the opportunity to work with this unique community of people that are so passionate about what they do. If you’re not already a member, head along to the Xero Partners (Official) AU Facebook Page to share more news from the week and join discussions.

Each year the ICB Bookkeeping community not only raises a glass or says hi to their colleagues and peers around the world, but it also puts on valuable webinars and recommends regional events. You can find out more about what’s going on in your area here.

From all of us at Xero, we would like to wish you all the very best for your special week of celebrations and our entire team will #raiseacup to you today.

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