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Introduction :

Ray ; Hi Tammy, How’s everything going? 

Tammy : Everything’s great so far, there was a storm yesterday, but it left already, but I heard there’s another one coming, so the Philippines is preparing for the calamities right now.

Ray : Oh! Yeah! I heard about it too, I hope everything is safe, one more month and 2020 will be just another history, hoping the economy will be better next year. 

Tammy : True, I agree with you. Everyone hopes that it will get better next year.

Ray : And today is better to talk about energy saving, as you know despite all the challenges we are all currently facing. Why not talk about how to save energy?

Tammy : That’s actually cool! Energy saving will surely help our mother earth from all the pollution we have right now, and maybe it is the best time to do this as nature is, maybe in danger?

Ray : Yes, probably mother earth is in danger if we continue using things that will harm the earth, or the ozone layer. 

Tammy : Cool topic, taking care of the ozone layer, how to protect the earth from harm, saving mother earth, and how to be economically friendly.

Ray : Correct, Can you please explain to our listeners first, what is an ozone layer?

Tammy : Sure, well, The ozone layer is a thin part of the Earth’s atmosphere that absorbs almost all of the sun’s harmful ultraviolet light. “Ozone holes” are popular names for areas of damage to the ozone layer. This is inaccurate. Ozone layer damage is more like a really thin patch than a hole. 

Ray : Great! So in order to protect everything that surrounds us, and what will happen if the ozone layer is damaged? It can seriously affect human health and the environment, energy saving can help with these problems. 

What is energy saving

Tammy : Yes, so let me tell our listeners what is energy saving first, so we can all understand today’s topic easier. According to wikipedia, Energy conservation is the effort made to reduce the consumption of energy by using less of an energy service. This can be achieved either by using energy more efficiently or by reducing the amount of service used. Energy conservation is a part of the concept of Eco-sufficiency.

Ray : it can also be energy conservation is the decision and practice of using less energy. Turning off the light when you leave the room, unplugging appliances when they’re not in use and walking instead of driving are all examples of energy conservation. The two main reasons people conserve energy are to gain more control over their energy bill and reduce the demand on the earth’s natural resources.

Tammy : I agree, and that maybe the simple ways to conserve energy, start energy saving at home. Like turn off your appliances that you are not using. As simple as that.

Ray : Yes, for factories or any companies you can also use the solar panel in your roof, to get energy from the sun that gives electricity to your machines, lights etc.

Tammy : Oh yea, we have it here in the Philippines, and actually, a lot of factories or houses use the solar panel. There are also electric bicycles that can be bought here, well, since the pandemic began, I see a lot of people using electric bikes or electric motorcycles here.

Ray : Yes, you don’t need to put fuel on that, just charge it. This can save you a lot of money from putting fuel everyday. 

Tammy : Agree, fuel fluctuates everyday, you don’t know when the price will go up or down, so using an electric bike or electric motorcycle saves a lot of money. 

Ray : There’s this energy saving cars too! Same with the electric bike, you just need to charge it. I think it’s too expensive, or depends on the brand, there are a lot of european brands that can import. 

Tammy : Yes, I actually see some european brands that are not too expensive, and they are actually introducing that in their country, and here in the Philippines. As a matter of fact, importing electric cars or bicycles here is a good idea. As we don’t have much of that here, right now. If you have, then it might be too expensive. 

Advantage and Disadvantages

Ray : Of course there would be advantages and disadvantages for energy saving, let’s tackle one by one.

Tammy : Okay, let’s go on the Advantages first?

Ray: Okay.

Tammy : For me, saving energy is one of the fastest, most cost-effective ways to save money, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, create jobs, and meet growing energy demand. Here are the top reasons why energy efficiency is important for your home and why it is important to conserve energy, the advantages: (1) Obviously, to reduce your utility bills. (2) Earn a great return on your investment. (3) Increase your property value (4) Protect the environment. (5) Energy saving tips help you easily cut costs.

Ray : Okay, I agree, the most obvious advantage is to reduce your utility bills. As well as energy saving tips help you easily cut costs especially if you own a company, factory or have an office. How about the “Earn a great return on your investment”? Does it mean, Energy efficient purchases should not be viewed as an expense, but as an investment with utility savings?

Tammy : Yes, the return you pocket through savings will only increase over time as energy prices continue to rise.

Ray : So it is actually better to invest on these things because who knows, all energy saving equipment will have a price rise, maybe next year?

Tammy : I think so, too! Though I haven’t planned on buying any energy saving equipment yet, I’m still studying on that, maybe for home use only.

Ray : That’s great! So you can share it with our listeners next time. 

Tammy : Yes, I will definitely do that!

Ray : Anyway, you also mentioned that one of the advantages also is increasing your property value. I know that in the real estate market, energy efficient homes sell for a higher price than the standard homes. 

Tammy : Yes I read in one article, too! Though it’s still not available here in the Philippines yet, but maybe sooner or later it will, because energy efficiency is an attractive feature in any home.

Ray : True! It’s attractive especially if you really care for mother nature, as you want to protect the environment.

Tammy : I want to protect the environment too, so I will be researching more about this energy saving. 

Ray : Right! So basically, I see 2 challenges or disadvantages for this energy saving, one would be not all products are efficient, finding the right product is not easy, as it might not be available to your home country. And the second would be, anything energy saving is expensive, and not all would probably afford it. But with what you mentioned in the advantages, it is an investment that we should consider investing.

Why Should we use Energy Saving

Tammy : Yes, Ray. I agree. It is something that people should also consider investing. Because  technology in this century is getting high, new inventions are there everyday. 

Ray : Investing in energy efficiency is obviously a long term decision. If we commit to being more responsible with the environment, we will be investing in a better future for all of us. In addition, we will manage to save on our bills in the long term, as well as being more responsible in the use of natural resources.

Tammy : Yes, Agree! Also, Investing in energy efficiency is one of the most important commitments. If we commit to being more responsible with the environment, we will be investing in a better future for all of us. 

Ray : Maybe we give our listeners some idea on what energy saving equipment they could sell? Especially not all countries have introduced this?

Tammy : Yes, for here in the Philippines, like what I mentioned earlier, people would love to buy energy saving bicycles, motorcycles or appliances that would help them save electricity bills. These are welcome here, as I’ve seen some using that here already, but not too much. 

Ray : So since it is limited, how’s the price?

Tammy : Well, the price is a bit high, of course as there are not too many suppliers. So suppliers are welcome!

Ray : Oh! Okay, that’s great! Let’s try to find things that would sell in the Philippines?

Tammy : Sure! 

Ray : That’s great!

Tammy : Yes! That would be very great, maybe it’s about time to save the earth!

Ray : For sure! Anyway, It’s a nice topic again with you Tammy! Til next time!

Tammy : Thanks Ray! Til next time!

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