The Importance of Trademark and your Brand

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Tammy : A wonderful day for everyone, especially to our listeners, Thank you for all the continuous support, to our lovely clients who trusted their company with us by using our services. And to those who are planning to set up a company, or having trouble with their business documents, accounting or registering your brand. just send us a message at and we are very happy to assist you. Anyway, we are here again to discuss the things that might help you with your business.

Ray : Yes of course, we are happy to discuss things that will surely help our listeners or business owners grow their company. Because their growth is our growth too, we are like a team here, we support each other in every step of the way.

Tammy : Yes we won’t let you down! Unipro Consulting Limited has been standing for a great 10 years with 15 years experience and 250 clients all over the world! Visit our website for more information at This is why I am so proud to be part of this great company. We bring you the best of the best! So anyway, before we begin, I would like to ask you all, especially those with a start up company, do you have a brand or a trademark? Is it registered? If no, listen to this discussion because we will be discussing important details about how to protect your brand and your company.

Ray : That’s right, Your brand shows what kind of company you are, Your company will also depend on your brand and logo, and we will be discussing the importance of the branding, logo or trademark. 

Tammy : Let’s go first with the brand, and why your company will depend on that.

Ray : Yes, that would be great, Branding is actually a way of identifying your Company. It is how your customers recognise your business. A strong brand is more than just a picture — it’s reflected in everything from your customer service to your marketing materials and advertising.

Tammy : This is why I agree that Your brand should reflect what your business stands for and what sets it apart from your competitors — it expresses the qualities and personalities of your business.

Ray : So before you make your branding, take time to experiment with ideas, because Creating a strong brand involves depth research to attract customers to your company. A strong brand will help customers to remember your business

Tammy : That’s true, actually if you notice some brands who have the most simple designs were mostly trusted by most of the customers, like for example, the Apple. It’s just a picture of an apple, but some people are willing to spend thousands of bucks to have that.

Ray : Well, it’s not only because of the IOS they are using, how sturdy their gadgets are, but also because of the good usability, consistency and evolution of their product, they make consumers feel safe and good.

Tammy : Yes, that’s why there are people you can hire to make a design for your, of course, if you are not good at that. 

Ray : Yes, that is why it is important that branding should be considered in the early stages of planning your business.

Tammy : And there are a few kinds of brands that you would like to consider, like the attitude brand, which is commonly used for drinks, garments, they target based on the ‘feeling’, rather than the physical characteristics, of a product.

Ray : There is also a functional brand – it promotes people to buy the product or the services. While the individual brands are businesses who choose to give each of their products and services a separate brand. this type is particularly kind of business that sells food as well as clothing. If you are going to register your brand, it is important for you to know which class your products belong to, especially if you have a lot of brands.

Tammy : I think there is also an own brand, or a private company that has a private labels or carry a retailer store. Smaller businesses may also use their own brands — for example, I wanted to sell my own line of clothing, I can make my own brand.

Ray : That’s what start-up businesses do, like some of our clients, they do their own brand. You have to be distinct and memorable, so be creative and unique.

Tammy : True! Small businesses growing like mushrooms everywhere very fast, that’s why your brand needs to target the right customers. And your brand should be communicated clearly to those specific people.

Ray :  To be able to easily think of a branding, let me give you some pointers that you have to include, (1) Brand Strategy (2) Brand Identity (3) Brand Marketing, because this a Brand Strategy is a plan that focuses on the long-term development of your purpose.

Tammy : I like how you enumerate those! Anyway, Your strategy will map out how you are different and trustworthy by your ideal customer. It will convey your purpose and promises.

Ray : When you see a logo or a brand outside, in the mall or anywhere in the internet, it’s not just a brand, it’s not just a picture or a logo, it has a story, it has a meaning, each element has a purpose, and you have to communicate that well to every potential customer of yours.

Tammy : I agree with you, do not just make one because it looks beautiful to your eyes, make something that tells a thousand stories. – which I think might be hard, and that is why branding planning is important too!

Ray : Might be complicated, yes, but for me, You can think of a Brand as a blueprint of how you want the people to see your business. When you make something, think for a long term. Meaning, a brand that you won’t change for a short period of time. Something that you might change decades after decades.

Tammy : Also, don’t forget that Your brand personality should be applied across all channels consistently. It is the way that your business becomes memorable. This includes your logo, colours and fonts, website design, content, print or packaging, and more.

Ray : That’s right, just a tip! Make it simple and clear, but it does require creativity and strategic thinking.

Tammy : Also, if you fail, that’s okay, just keep on trying to work at it to find the right brand personality.

Ray : After all, I believe that a brand is the biggest asset your company will own.

Tammy : I agree with you! Now that you have made your own brand, how will you be sure that nobody will take that away from you? How will you protect it?

Ray : Of course register them! You work hard for your brand, are you willing to let it go? Of course not. Register them as soon as you are already sure of your brand! 

Tammy : Yes yes of course! You may check our website if you like to register your trademark, which country do you like to register them. And did you know that it’s actually very easy to make your trademark yours? 

Ray : Very easy! I’ll give you 2 options, first, you may visit our website found at the end of this video, or you may email and send us your details and trademark designs, and that’s it. 

Tammy : Easy! Remember that your brand shows what company or business you have, it plays a big role to your company. Don’t wait until someone get it! Kidding! Anyway, just message us if you have any questions and we are very happy to assist you!

Ray : Yes, that’s it! Thanks Tammy for today and I’ll see you again next week!

Tammy : Thanks Ray for your time! Bye!

Ray : Bye!

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