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Tammy : What a wonderful day everyone! Here’s another episode of our weekly podcast, again I’m Tammy together with Ray the founder of Unipro Consulting Limited to talk about Unicorn Business. Hi Ray!

Ray : Hi Tammy, how are you?

Tammy : I’m great! What about you?

Ray : I’m great too! Weather is cool here, what about there?

Tammy : it’s kinda raining sometimes, but most of the days are hot. Because it’s the start of summer here!

Ray : Oh yea, you only have 2 seasons there.

Tammy : That’s right! It’s either hot or a little cold here in Manila.

Ray : Yes, of course. Weather is unpredictable, it changes from time to time.

Tammy : There’s a saying that goes, Life is like a weather, you never know what to expect

Ray : I agree with you. That’s why expect the unexpected as they say.

Tammy : True, to avoid disappointment.

Ray : Oh! You sound so deep, is there anything bothering you?

Tammy : Oh, none! Actually, it’s just that the situation right now is very uncertain, you’ll never know what will happen or  when all these bad things will end.

Ray : That’s definitely true!

Tammy  Okay, I will stop being emotional and let’s do the discussion.

Ray : Sure, sure! Let’s throw an interesting question to our listeners! What kind of entrepreneur are you? Is it the creator? The builder or the operator? There are actually different types of entrepreneurs. What about you? What type of entrepreneur do you think are you?

Tammy : Well, if you’re going to ask me, I think I’m on the operator side. The one that gets the company organised, or maybe the detail-oriented, What about you?

Ray : I might be the builder, creator and the operator! The one who takes creative product and builds the company, or the one who Often has ideas for several types of companies.

Tammy : Oh yes! If you got all the skills, why not!

Ray : Yes.

Tammy : Great! Anyway, we’re gonna tackle the Unicorn business today! It’s not the animal we are pertaining here.

Ray : Yes, so for those who don’t know what Unicorn business is, it is a successful business which is a privately held startup company valued at over 1 billion. So when you hear of a Unicorn business, it is basically a startup business worth 1 billion business, and as of October 2020, there are 450 Unicorn Companies.

Tammy : Actually, I heard of this recently when I was researching about this topic. And if i’m not mistaken, Unicorn Business started last 2015, and on top of the list were the Ant Company which is a technology company, others were Stripe which is a financial services company.

Ray : Yes, there are a lot and very known too, like the stripe, many entrepreneurs are using this for their money wire transfer. There is also Instacart – a grocery app in the USA, which is very popular in the US and in Canada.

Tammy : This is a good business as most of the people just like to stay at home and just to be safe. 

Ray : Yes, I’m sure there is also this kind of business in different places, as well as in different countries.

Tammy : Yes, we also do have similar to this.

Ray : Anyway, there is a Unicorn Company that provides computer software, which is the Databricks, even video games which are Epic games, and they have several games from that company.

Tammy : Oh wow! Games, games are a good business these days, there are plenty of gamers who make games as their business too. Especially when you are good at it and can just play games the whole day. 

Ray : That’s definitely true! Actually you can make any business as long as it is your passion or you put your heart and soul into. 

Tammy : I think that’s one of the secrets of the successful businessman.

Ray : Yes, maybe.

Tammy : Yes, maybe. What else? Maybe logistics is not bad too, right?

Ray : Yes, like the one in Indonesia the J & T Express.

Tammy : Oh! Is it from Indonesia?

Ray : Yes.

Tammy : I didn’t know that! We have J&T Express here. I thought it’s a local company.

Ray : No, it’s a Unicorn Company from Indonesia.

Tammy : That’s cool. They have already expanded their business to other countries.

Ray : Yes, they are big now! What about BJYU’s Company? Have you heard of it?

Tammy : Yes, that’s an education company from India. I think?

Ray : Yes, that’s it! It’s the world’s most valuable education technology company.

Tammy : Cool. I know they are good at technology too!

Ray : Yes, BJYU have a learning app too.

Tammy : I’m sure they have, because in business these days, apps are important too!

Ray : Yes, and that is one of the easiest ways to attract people, very easy, just download the app.

Tammy : I agree with you. Like the Canva, It’s one of the Unicorn companies as well, Canva is an online design and publishing tool with a mission to empower everyone in the world to design anything and publish anywhere.

Ray : Yes, that’s actually very useful to companies who would like to advertise their company online, or make an online invitation, and so many more!

Tammy : Yes, and your powerpoint presentation, or actually you can even make your own CV there!

Ray : That’s how fascinating the technology is these days!

Tammy : Everyday we should learn new things if we don’t want to get left behind.

Ray : Agree! So anyway, there are a lot of Unicorn Company, and these unicorn companies has something in common, like they have solution to an existing problem, a strong clear vision for the future of the company and product.

Tammy : That’s a very clear message for those who has a goal for aiming a Unicorn company, it might not be easy for sure. So why not help our listeners on how to build their own unicorn company.

Ray : Sure! How to build your own Unicorn Start-up? Let’s give some tips!

Tammy : I’m ready!

Ray : Okay, Unicorn Start-ups are not uncommon as before, but it doesn’t mean that it’s easy to have one these days. There’s no definitive recipe for success, but there are key ingredients that stack the odds in your favor.

Tammy : Yes, and if you are planning to find investors, remember this : investors don’t just fund ideas, they fund promising products and teams, be ready with that

Ray : Of course, no matter how great your idea is, if you don’t execute them, it’s useless. So it’s better to put value to your ideas, so investors will have a bigger chance to invest in you.

Tammy : Yes, and take note that the strongest start-ups are built to maximize growth, not profit.

Ray : Correct, because no one says you need to be so profitable to become a unicorn, some unicorns earned less or lack profits before they become unicorns. And lastly, I think it is to dream big.

Tammy : Wow! Let’s dream big! It’s free anyway, I mean dreaming is free! 

Ray : Yes, Dream big! So anyway, having a unicorn start up company is not easy. Just be ready for it!

Tammy : Yes, so again, I hope our listeners learned something again on today’s episode!

Ray : Definitely, Thanks Tammy! I’ll next time!

Tammy : Thanks Ray! bye!

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