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First to introduce myself, I’m Ray Ng, is the company’s founder. Once in the four major accounting firms, and later ran a pearl milk tea shop and various small business, has worked hard in the business. Recently, increased access to the Internet, that the development of the cloud, decided to put the relevant industry body the cloud community. Needless to say, my own accountant origin, and of course, start with the most closely related to their own cloud accounting start.

Recall a year ago, the first time I learned that the cloud accounting system, is engaged in web design from one of my clients that, he told me that he currently only need to open the phone you can see the accounts of the company is very convenient, I look interface feel very comfortable, I feel it is worth studying. If so who participated in the training, it is now a registered adviser system. In fact, our own in-depth knowledge of accounting for someone without a lot of time, to have mastered its operation.

More and more friends all around it via the Internet had their own business, they would feel very happy. Future business model, I am quite sure that is inseparable from the cloud technology. The so-called Shijiechaoliu mighty, whether it is a new generation of entrepreneurs or someone older generation of commercially successful parties, all must pay attention to this wave.

There often to the mainland or other business friends all over the world, we know that Hong Kong is indeed slower than others in Internet technology. It does not matter, now know nor late. I am confident that with the common idea of a group of people can stick snapping trend and continue to develop new technologies, Hong Kong is definitely a chance to catch up.

Unipro Consulting Ltd. is established to promote the application of cloud technology in order to facilitate more business friends. The future will be here to provide more relevant information to you, I hope you will like it.

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